Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kayleigh Had A Little Lamb...

...it's fleece was marshmallow?!  My girls made a flock of sheep for their after school club today.  The inspiration came from a Land O Lakes coupon ad.  Since they needed so many, they decided to decorate in an assembly line fashion.  They aren't perfect, but all together they look pretty cute.

We improvised a little on the faces.  You can purchase premade candy eyes for about $4 per package.  We didn't think one package would make 30 cupcakes, so we came up with our own solution by using a little icing and cutting the licorice into tiny pieces.  The heads in the inspiration photo were made with black gumdrops, which we couldn't find.  We decided to use mini Oreos instead (yum)!

He's almost too cute to eat!  Our sheep aren't as fluffy as the inspiration photo because we started to run out of marshmallows.  We contemplated leaving one with no marshmallows at all and naming him Shorn (from Wallace and Grommit).

Poor little sheep don't know what they are in for...


  1. OMG... these are sooo cute... the flock of them is so adorable... how could you eat those cute little faces??